5 Reasons to Buy a Selfie Drone

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There are many reasons to buy a selfie drone. These drones make it easy for anyone to take great selfies. Read on for more information on these drones. They're great for taking a close-up portrait of yourself or a friend, and can be as easy to fly as a selfie stick! The best thing? They are also extremely affordable.

Yuneec Breeze

The Yuneec Beze selfie drone features a lot of new features. Only $99 Its advanced camera is capable to take UHD-4K aerial photos and videos. It also comes with an integrated Canon EOS M50 DSLR to shoot aerial photos and video. The drone is designed to make flying around a breeze, so you can capture the action from above! It doesn't matter what level you are at flying, the drone will make it easy for you to have fun and share your videos and photos around the world.

DJI Mavic Air 2

The DJI Mavic Air 2 selfie drone is ideal for beginners. This model does NOT require FAA registration. You can use it for personal and professional purposes. This drone lets you take clear selfies without the use of GPS. It includes facial recognition and gesture control which make it easy for you to take great selfies. It is lightweight and compact so it can be easily carried anywhere.

DJI Spark

The DJI Spark is a compact quadcopter that adapts to the standard quadcopter layout. It does not have foldable arms, but it is incredibly compact and lightweight, measuring less than the size of a large smartphone or power bank. The drone is portable at only 300 grams. Made of durable plastic, the Spark is surprisingly easy to fly and operate. It features an app that allows you to control its flight and adjust the height for selfies.

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The ZEROTECH ZEROTECH Dobby, a smart drone in a compact size with a camera. Intelligent flight control options are also available. Its compact size makes it easy for you to carry and allows you take amazing photos. The DOBBY's built-in camera, flight control options that are intelligent and easy to use, will amaze. Here are some great reasons to get it. You can give the drone as a gift to your loved one, or even for yourself.

Goolsky JJR/C

Although the Goolsky DJR/C is a basic drone, its waterproof design makes it an excellent choice for amateur photographers. You can easily shoot photos or videos with its 720p camera, and it also transmits WiFi real-time. The Goolsky JJRC H31 selfie drone also features easy controls, a long flight time, and rechargeable batteries.


The DJI Air 2-segment camera has high resolution, dynamic range and excellent color reproduction. The 10-bit DlogM color profile captures up to one million colors. This allows you to capture fine details on your subjects' faces. The Air 2S's MasterShots mode is an upgrade from the QuickShots feature, and allows you to take multiple routes with the drone while focusing on your subject. This feature is great for solo photographers and vloggers who want to share their experience on social media.

DJI Mavic Pro

The DJI Mavic Pro is a great choice for a selfie-drone. The advanced features of the DJI Mavic Pro include vision and GPS position-based GPS navigation. You can even use the gesture controls to fly the drone. The camera on this drone is also incredibly good. It can take stunning selfies, and it can detect objects upto 16 feet away. The DJI Mavic Pro features the most of any selfie drone. It is not the most affordable option for taking selfies.

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